Allen Carrescia: Music Composer

Contact: 610-393-4343


I am a romantic individualist and compose music inspired by what I honestly feel and think. I believe in freedom of personal expression, solid work ethic and art that has eternal presence. Music that is true art is not bound by trends, culture or time, but rather has a life of its own, conveying affectively its meaning to the depths of the soul.

I approach all work with originality, and respond intuitively to any medium calling for custom music. By possessing an ability and appreciation for many styles, I create what is aesthetic and suitable for each project while composing music that is real, sincere, and lasting.


I have worked professionally in various fields of music for the past decade. I am formally trained with a BA from the Berklee College of Music which I attended from 1999 to 2003. I currently live on the border of PA and NJ, and will travel anywhere in the world for work.